WHO WE work with

Benefits to Event Organizers

  • Provides an easy way to find accommodations that meet their needs
  • Hotel information, photos and maps will be viewable in a consistent format
  • Compare rates and amenities for multiple hotels
  • Allows teams and groups to book rooms at the same hotel
  • Provides easy access to hotel availability and rates
  • Reservations can be booked online
  • Reservations can be cancelled or changed online
  • Group rates are guaranteed up to cutoff dates
  • All reservations are processed through secure servers
  • ELS will contact hotels on behalf of the organizer
  • ELS will negotiate hotel rates and room blocks
  • ELS will handle all hotel contracting
  • Ensures competitive hotel rates for participants
  • Sub-blocks can be setup for staff, teams, officials, suppliers and special groups if necessary
  • No cost to organizers
  • ELS will handle all reservation-related customer service and commission collection
  • ​Portion of commission revenue is shared with organizers
  • All bookings are tracked through online reporting

Benefits to Event Attendees

online Hotel reservations for events

Event Lodging Solutions (ELS) specializes in providing online hotel reservation technology and support for virtually any type of event. Our team understands the unique challenges in providing accommodations for attendees and we are committed to working with organizers to develop solutions that will ensure the success of events.

There is NO COST to organizers, plus a portion of commissions collected from hotels are shared with organizers so is a great way to generate no-risk revenue for events.​ Let ELS negotiate and manage hotel rates, room blocks and track reservations. We'll do the work setting up lodging options so participants can find accommodations that meet their needs and budgets.